R&D Department

The manufacturing category of water, drinks, juice and nectars has developed dynamically.

This is why we keep watching the trends, develop formulas and improve the manufacturing process. All that to create solutions required by the modern, active families at every stage of life.

The R&D Department of WOSANA

is composed of specialists who develop innovative formulas and ensure the highest quality of products. We work in our in-house, cutting-edge and well equipped laboratory and we also provide services connected with creating new formulas for our Customers.

What does the work of the R&D department of WOSANA consist in?

  1. We develop the formulas of juices, drinks and nectars to combine nutritional values with excellent taste.
  2. We improve the composition of the existing products, test innovative ideas and design new solutions.
  3. We organise and carry out sensory assessments of products and samples.
  4. We keep detailed technical dossiers.
  5. We supervise the course of production tests to ensure the products are safe and meet the relevant standards.
  1. We check maintenance of the technology standards in the manufacturing processes.
  2. We prepare and approve correct product markings compliant with the applicable food regulations.
  3. We stay in touch with the government inspection bodies and raw product suppliers.
  4. We cooperate closely with our partners in the area of working on new implementations.
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