We are the leader in the category of manufacturing juices, drinks, water and smoothies.

30-year experience, qualified team and processing capacities enable us to develop and implement innovative, unique projects. We would like to invite companies looking for a verified, competent partner having expertise and extensive experience related to implementing new products to cooperate with us.

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Modernity and experience

We have 8 independent, cutting-edge manufacturing lines

which help us manufacture products fast and safely in line with the highest standards. We offer drinks in many taste options and more than a dozen packaging types. Our extensive experience acquired during our 30-year presence in the sector as well as flexible manufacturing capacities make us deliver products perfectly suiting the customers’ needs. Every project is different and requires a customised approach and the team of experienced WOSANA specialists is eager to share its expertise. Thanks to it, we are a popular and recognised manufacturer of drinks in the private label sector and a renowned product supplier for the largest retail chains on the Polish and European market.

Available packaging types

Our offering comprises juices, nectars and drinks in cartons, smoothies and juices in PET bottles (including NFC juices), mineral and spring water, fizzy and still drinks, drinks with no preservatives, as well as energy, isotonic and functional drinks.

PET bottles

  • water: 0,33 l, 0,5 l, 0,75 l, 1,5 l, 2 l
  • juices and drinks: 0,25 l, 0,33 l, 0,5 l, 1 l, 1,5 l, 2 l, 2,8 l, 3 l
  • smoothies: 0,25 l, 0,33 l


  • 0,2 l

The process

Having analysed the customer’s needs in detail, we develop the formula, creating it from scratch or basing on the pre-determined parameters. The subsequent steps include the preparation of sensory tests and the process specification as well as the manufacturing process implementation. The finished products wait to be collected by the customer or are delivered to the warehouse named by them.

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