Quality standards

Our priority is to create absolutely safe products of excellent quality which respond to the needs of dynamic families.

We operate in line with the HACCP system and IFS (International Featured Standard), confirming the product safety and quality at every stage, from the raw materials to the final product.

IFS standard

The IFS ensures perfect conformity with the applicable standards in all areas.

Management of the quality system and the raw materials and manufacturing resources is supported by rigorous analyses of the processes and their continuous improvement. We ensure appropriate supervision of allergens and relevant waste management. The IFS enables to maintain the highest food safety level in each of the three manufacturing plants of WOSANA, i.e. in Andrychów, Turów and Damnica.

Quality policy

The most important document in WOSANA, familiar to and followed by all employees, is the Quality Policy.

This is a set of rules determining the mission and strategy related to the operations, development and improvement of the quality and food safety systems. Thanks to the transparent principles, we implement strategic assumptions of our organisation every day, manufacturing juices, nectars, drinks and water of the highest quality. We use our long experience in our everyday operations. We ensure high quality raw materials which undergo a detailed, multi-stage check and quality assessment according to the highest standards. We invest in cutting-edge manufacturing lines, modernise manufacturing plants, obtain and implement new technologies. We check particular manufacturing stages in detail, introduce the latest management systems and cooperate with a carefully selected group of suppliers. We want to ensure perfect products and the customers’ and consumers’ loyalty and satisfaction are fundamental for us. This is why we do not accept any compromise when it comes to quality.

Sustainability and solution development

We take active part in the development of draft legislation as representatives of the “Bottling Sector” Polish Chamber of Commerce, shaping the packaging policy in Poland

According to the Directive of the European Council, starting from 2025 the drink bottles will be able to be marketed only when their caps, made largely from plastic, are permanently fixed to them. Starting from 2025, also all plastic bottles will have to be made at least in 25% from a recycled materials, and from 2030 in 30%. The obligation to adapt the bottles used now to the Directive requirements entails the need to introduce modifications in the packaging design system and in the manufacturing line operation. We negotiate with the machine and packaging suppliers to develop an optimum solution, combining the care for the environment with responding to the end customers’ needs. We have implemented packagings from recycled materials and we strive to ensure continuous increase in their share. We also work towards gradual decrease in the packaging weight. As a conscious manufacturer of food products in disposable packagings, we participate actively in creating and implementing the packaging directive policy.

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