Technical facilities

There are as much as 8 manufacturing lines operating simultaneously in three WOSANA plants.

The latest, ultra-modern aseptic line was installed in 2019 in Andrychów. Water of excellent quality is drawn from our own artesian wells and the professional logistic services are provided by automated warehouses.

The plant in Andrychów

This is the first plant of the company, operating continuously from 1991.

It has five bottling lines for manufacturing juices, drinks and smoothies. All manufacturing lines were delivered by reliable suppliers, leaders in this sector. The bottle delivery to the machine, sterilisation, filling, closing and product transfer to the final packing is automated which increases the capacity significantly.

We use two manufacturing lines to bottle smoothies, juices and drinks in PET bottles 0.25 l to 3 l, with different cap and label types, in aseptic conditions. The third line is used to bottle fizzy and still drinks in PET bottles from 0.5 l to 1.5 l. Two other lines are used for the aseptic bottling of juices and drinks in cartons 0.2 l and 1 l. Smooth deliveries and manufacture are ensured by two cutting-edge warehouses with the total area of close to 8,000 pallet spaces. Six mobile loading ramps ensure efficient loading of vehicles of different heights. In the warehouses, we use high-storage racks, including the flow ones and the mobile ones on sliding bases, guaranteeing optimum space use and effective product movement. Security is warranted by comprehensive monitoring and the use of specialised IT system.

The plant in Damnica

There are two cutting-edge, fully automated manufacturing lines operating in the plant in Damnica, and the process is subject to strict quality control at every stage.

The first line is used to manufacture water and drinks in bottles from 0.33 l to 0.5 l. The labels can be either of the sleeve type or they can be applied from a roll, by wrapping the bottle. On the second manufacturing line we manufacture water and drinks in bottles 0.5 l to 2 l, with possible bottle labelling by wrapping the label. The manufacture is based on three own artesian wells. We draw both natural mineral water with low minerals content (appropriate for the sodium-poor diet) and spring water with low sodium content.

The plant in Turów

The manufacture in Turów focuses on the spring and mineral water bottled on two manufacturing lines.

It is based on three own artesian wells. We draw natural mineral water with low minerals content and spring water. The finished product warehouse is composed of two gravity flow rack blocks which can house more than 2,100 pallets. The loading takes place by the gravity flow of pallets from the warehouse via the rolls to the loading ramps.

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